Animal testing is necessary in some situations

7 10 2012

Within this editorial the author talks about the positives to animal testing and how they outweigh the negatives. He points out how it is necessary for a species to do everything possible to ensure its own survival. He makes the claim that there are no realistic alternatives to animal testing. He points out one suggested alternative and talks about how in reality it will never really be a complete replacement for animal testing. He suggests it can be used for early study in order to limit the number of animals dying for simple research but in the end that it is no real replacement for hands-on experience. So he addresses the other side and even suggests that they use it in order to help limit animal deaths. But he does point out that even with the use of computer simulations to replace animal testing that it would not be enough to successfully ensure human survival in operations. Late In the story he points out the use of animals in cosmetics testing. He believes that animal testing should only be used to achieve important health-related goals. He makes the warrant that most people believe in the humane treatment and safety of animals. He makes suggestion as how to improve their lives and how they can use fewer animals while still maintaining the quality of research for health purposes.




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