Animal Testing: Unnecessary Cruelty?

8 10 2012

This article is an article strongly against animal testing. The author makes a claim that innocent animals are being tortured and killed so that people might look beautiful. The evidence used to back up this claim is that most of animal testing for cosmetics are with substance irritants, skin sensitivity, photosensitivity and toxicity. They also say that some animals die in the testing. However they fail to back up the deaths with a number and they say nothing about the other side of the argument. Another claim this article makes is that they are making alternitives to animal testing that should be used in all situations. For example it is possible to make cloned human tissue and skin to test on and also in-vitro has had advances in. The article says that these should be done in all situations instead of using animals. They might claim that these are good alternatives but the likelihood is that these tests are much more difficult to conduct and cost many times more than the animal testing which probably would not be a good idea in today’s economy. At no point in this article does it try to point out any positive outcomes of the argument which lowers the validity of this author’s argument on the subject.

-Nash Lindley




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