Ethical and Scientific Considerations Regarding Animal Testing and Research

10 10 2012


Within this article the author goes in to deep detail about multiple accounts of animal testing and articles in the past. These cases aren’t limited to the U.S.A she even goes into deep analysis of one in Britain. She talks about how 90 years after the British start enacting laws regarding animal cruelty the US decides to enact a few of its own. Although in the beginning they would exclude purpose-bred animals such as birds and mice. Which according to the author was 90% of the animals used for testing. They also go into the difference between animal research regulations and human research regulations. For the human regulations we see much more influence put upon the interests of the research subject and not the scientific question. While with animal testing we see the scientific question commonly being put above the concerns of the animals. Usually it is determined by whether the supposed benefits are achievable and whether or not they are significant enough to research. They usually don’t concern whether the cost to the animal is to great for the research. According to the author animals that are not killed in the process of testing usually have many other side effects that negatively impact it with other animals. They are not able to fulfill natural behavior and face social deprivation.




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