The Truth About Animal Testing

10 10 2012

The article called “The Truth About Animal Testing” makes the claim that much of the money towards cancer research goes to getting animals for experimentation and that testing on the animals is necessary. The article backs up this claim by stating that it is a law for every drug licensed to treat human ailments has to be tested on animals. And it says because of animal testing survival rates for things such as cancer have drastically grown.

Another claim that is made is that scientists would prefer to use alternate methods to find cures but alternatives to animal testing still need to be developed for many cases. Not much is said about this other than the fact that scientists are eager t0 have alternatives.

The last claim that this article made about animal testing is that animals that are being tested on have been taken care of by the scientists. For example rabbits that were used for testing pregancy procedures were stroked and petted every single day. All things must be reported to ensure the animals are treated well even putting the animals in a cage. So scientists actually try to make the animals comfortable.

Throughout this article there are claims that animal testing does have its flaws such as its increase in 2011 and the fact that unpleasant things may be going on. So I believe that the honesty about those topics increases the validity of the article.

-Nash Lindley




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