Pros? Cons?

15 10 2012

On an argument is made that animal testing for cosmetics has positive outcomes and the article I found to argue this was from a website named the Indepentent. The article for animal testing for cosmetics says it is necessary at this point to continue to make advancements. The Independent is argueing for animal testing for cosmetic testing is cruel and even gives vivid details that exaggerates what happens suhc as “animals continue to have cosmetic chemicals forced down their throats, dripped into their eyes and applied to their shaved skin”. The scientist from Beauty brains says that he loves animals too but he would rather have humans be taken care of. He said if there were alternatives to animal testing he would do it in a second but for many types it just isn’t possible yet to safely avoid. I believe what the scientist says, animal testing is not necessarily a good thing but if we want to further advance the cosmetics then we need to keep testing until alternatives are found. The scientists that test know that animal testing can hurt animals and they dont like that but they would prefer humans to be safe than have animals be slightly uncomfortable.




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