Animal testing is necessary

17 10 2012

Human trials could be disaterous if animal testing is not tested on animals first. As a result of the animal testing there has been a drastically reduced number of negative side affects of medical and cosmetic products. Products such as antibiotics, cancer treatments, surgeries and much more have been created as a result of being able to test on animals. If the prior tests had not occured all the failures of the  treatments would have occured on human beings. Loved ones would have been lost or severely injured due to the experimental procedures or products. For example a medicine to cure a severe skin condition caused birth defects and that was caught by animal testing.

Alternatives to animal testing would be great to have and everyone is sure to agree on that so the government has been giving money to finding alternatives. Some vaccines and hormones can be synthetically created to act as a replacement for animals. Skin can be artificially created limiting the number of animals needed for that and some advanced scanning and imaging improvements have been made to give a large amount of information without the use of animal testing. However, in the cases where alternatives are not available animal testing is still needed.




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