Delineating Validity and Facebook

17 10 2012

I can see where Facebook can be bad because of their use of information that we didn’t know they were taking. I can see why people would want to keep everything completely private and would dislike Facebook for taking this info. However, it seems kind of extreme to resent them for giving this info to companies that want to advertise to us. They aren’t really using this information for anything truly sinister they just want to make some money selling your personal info to companies. Using Facebook’s new ability to track your location is a bit of a stretch to say that someone can use it to rob your house when you’re. You would have to be friends with the robber in the first place in order for them to get that info. While it is true that maybe someone could hack into Facebook and get the info but it seems if they have that level of skill they wouldn’t be using it to rob peoples houses. They even point out how Facebook is very convenient but the costs are possibly too high. I don’t really think there are huge costs to Facebook and if people seem to get what they want out of Facebook and are happy with it then I believe they should continue to use it.

Damien Hutton




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