Response to Catholic Article

19 10 2012

in respsonse to Scholarly article.

This blog post states that it is morally wrong for a catholic woman to use birth control because all life is considered sacred. In my opinion this is only partially right. All life is sacred, but it is not safe to say that life is there before birth control is used therefore the argument made is invalid. Birth Control is used in order to prevent pregnancy not get rid of an already conceived baby. If the baby had been conceived that would be a different story. So if a woman prevents pregnancy she is just being responsible if she cannot support a baby because if a woman were to have a baby at the wrong time it could ruin her life.

In response to the part about Obama forcing hospital to give out birth control to people. This is an argument that i do not necesarily believe in but for the sake of this assignment will argue anyway. Some people are not finincially capable of supporting a baby and if this is the case babies should not be concieved if they couldnt be cared for properly. If somebody cannot support a baby they are not very likely to be able to use birth control so in this case it would be good for it to be provided for them.




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